Board of SupervisorsEdit

District 2

Incumbent: Gail Steele

  • Richard Valle

District 3

Incumbent: Alice Lai-Bitker

  • Shelia Young
  • Lou Filipovich
  • Jim Price
  • Glenda Nardine



Incumbent: Roberta Cooper - Termed out.

  • Brian M. Schott
  • Michael Sweeney

City Council

Incumbents: Kevin Dowling, Matt Jimenez

  • Robert Lopez
  • Gary L. Steinberger
  • Henry J. "Hank" Quintel



Incumbent: Jerry Brown - Termed out.

Known candidates:

  • Ignacio De La Fuente
  • Nancy J. Nadel
  • Ron "Oz" Oznowicz
  • Hector "Reno" Reyna
  • Ronald V. Dellums
  • Arnie L. Fields

City Council

District 2 - Incumbent: Pat Kernighan

District 4 - Incumbent: Jean Quan

District 6 - Incumbent: Desley Brooks


Mayor Incumbent: Michael Bruck


Incumbents: Abe Friedman, Jeff Wieler

San Leandro Edit

Anthony Santos
Orval Badger

District 1
Michael J. Gregory
Frank Lynn

District 3
Diana Souza
Nathan Kleinstein
Julian Polvorasa

District 5
Bill Stephens(Incumbent)

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