Bay Area Rapid Transit


Ashby Station


Walnut Creek Station

Official Website:

Recently in the news is the possibility of a BART issued credit card. An idea that is still being explored, it is hoped by some proponents that it could be available by years end. As a reward card, it could reward regular users with such things as free BART ticket. For more on it, see The only question now, is how many riders would actually get the card.

The BART SystemEdit

Spread across the four counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties, it has a total of 43 stations. Initially there the Daly City station was the only station in San Mateo County, but then the line was extended to San Francisco Airport in 2003 under a power-sharing agreement between BART and SamTrans. Because of difficulties with working together that relationship came to an end in 2007, and was replaced by a new accord that effectively gave BART full control over the extension.

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