This page will likely be incomplete, and often out of date.
Berkeley, CA has an abundance of restaurants, with many opening and closing each year. A few good directories that may be more complete and up to date than this page are included as External Directories below (all three keep themselves updated by feedback from visitors, somewhat in the spirit of a Wiki).

External DirectoriesEdit

  • Restaurants in the Berkeley Area -- a great directory with one extended family's reviews. Includes neighborhood directories.
  •'s Restaurant Directory -- probably the most complete directory, with links to many restaurants web pages. ShopInBerkeley also provides directories by restaurant ethnicity and by neighborhood.
  • Yelp all Berkeley restaurants -- And there's always Yelp's "Real People, Real Reviews" listings. This link should take you to Yelp's directory of restaurants in or near Berkeley.

Wikia DirectoryEdit

Bakery/Desert Edit

Bay Bakery & Cafe
2122 Shattuck 704-8388

Hello Croissants
1983 Shattuck 845-4333

Mrs Fields Cookies
2177 Shattuck 644-9100

The Art of Baking
1926 Shattuck 841-0773

Bar/Brewery Edit

Allstons' Bar & Grill
2086 Allston Way 845-7300

2181 Shattuck 843-8277

2367 Shattuck 848-1766

Triple Rock Brewery
1920 Shattuck 843-2739

Cafes Edit

Au Coquelet Cafe
2000 University Avenue

2300 College Ave

Cafe Mediterranium
2475 Telegraph Avenue

Cafe Milano
2522 Bancroft Way

Chinese Edit

Great China Restaurant
2115 Kittredge 843-7996

Little Hunan
125 Berkeley Square 848-1288

Little Mandarin
139 Berkeley Square 841-7655

Long Life Vegi House
2129 University Avenue 845-6072

Lotus Vegetarian & Seafood
2272 Shattuck 841-7303

Mandarin Gardens
2025 Shattuck 848-4849

New China Express
2024 Shattuck 666-9898

Peking Express
2068 Center Street 841-5942

2071 University 845-1456

Coffee House Edit

Berkeley Espresso
1900 Shattuck Avenue 848-9576

Deli Edit

Evergreen Deli
1951 Shattuck Avenue 540-0263

French Edit

La Note Restaurant
2377 Shattuck Avenu 843-1535

Hamburgers Edit

Baskervilles Hot Dogs
2109 Milvia Street 548-4362

Ice Cream Edit

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
2130 Oxford Street 845-9445

Indian Edit

Chaat Cafe
1902 University Avenue 845-1431

Mehak Indian Cuisine
2449 Sacramento 841-6118 Menu online

Priya North & South Indian Cuisine
2072 San Pablo 644-3977 Menu online

Italian Edit

Jazz Cafe
2087 Addison Street 883-0231

Juice Bar Edit

Brazil Cafe
2161 University Avenue 845-8011

Mediterranean Edit

Pomegranate Mediterranean Cuisine External web site
1585 University 665-5567 Menu online

Mexican Edit

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill
2237 Shattuck Avenue 548-4444

Pizza Edit

Arinell Pizza
2109 Shattuck Avenue 841-4035

La Val’s Pizza
2516 Durant 845-1652

Fat Slice Pizza
Telegraph 548-6479

Extreme Pizza
Shattuck Avenue 486-0770

The Cheeseboard Pizza Collective

Fiesta Pizza
Shattuck Ave. 644-1222

Sandwich Shops Edit

Addison Annex Cafe
2107 Addison Street 841-2156

Thai Edit

Thai Delight Cuisine
1700 Shattuck 549-0611 Menu online

Vietnamese Edit

Le Regal Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine
2126 Center Street 845-4020

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