Berkeley Shopping Districts

  • Gourmet Ghetto Located on north Shattuck Avenue. It is home to a wide variety of restaurants and stores.
  • Fourth Street Just off the I-80/I-580 freeway, Fourth Street is Berkeley's closest approximation of a mall. Lots of restaurants and stores, with a mix of independent and chair stores. Some outlet stores.
  • Downtown Shattuck Avenue between University and Bancroft, plus a few blocks in any direction. In addition to shopping, downtown has Berkeley City Hall, Berkeley High School, Berkeley Community College, and the west edge of UC Berkeley.
  • Elmwood At the intersection of Ashby and College Avenues, Elmwood started as a neighborhood business district. In this author's opinion, it should probably stay that way since there's almost no parking (a small lot can be found just west of College on Russell).
  • Lorin / Ashby BART Centered on Adeline Street, the historic Lorin district has many antique stores, several live theaters, restaurants, and other stores.
  • Telegraph Avenue (or, "The Ave") Telegraph is a one-way street from Dwight Way to Bancroft Avenue, ending at the south side of UC Berkeley. This is the major cultural area for UCB students (at least when they don't want to go across the Bay to San Francisco), complete with a multitude of restaurants, stores, and a few night clubs. Telegraph also hosts many street merchants who sell their artwork from tables on the sidewalk. Be sure to catch the annual holiday fair in December.
  • Northside At the intersection of Euclid and Hearst on the north edge of UC Berkeley, 'Northside' is the quieter of the UCB shopping districts.

More to come.

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