CAS-Front of California Academy Building
Located in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the California Academy of Science is dedicated to educating the public about the various natural sciences.

Open seven days a week, has several display areas including African Hall, the Planetarium and the Biodome. There is also an aquarium down in the basement, along with a Living Roof up above.

African HallEdit

CAS-African Hall
A variety of dioramas plus a live exhibit of south african penguins can be found in this hall.



As you enter the Bio Dome at the bottom, you will see that there is pool at the center. If you look deep enough, below the swimming fish you will see people walking back and forth. That is where you will end up at the end of the BioDome tour, where you will be walking through a tunnel to get the Aquarium.


Divided into several levels to reflect the different levels of a tropical forest, the Biodome consists of the following:



Located within the basement of the California Academy of Science, a number of the tanks have open water areas that are visible from the main floor areas upstairs.

Display AreasEdit

These are the areas where the changing displays are kept. In addition, the Foucaults Pendulum from the previous Academy can also be found in the display area on the east side.