Discussion Salon in Berkeley Edit

Hi! Have opinions? Like discussing current events, politics, and having intelligent conversation with other people? All points of view are welcomed!

We've been having a twice-monthly discussion group, FREE and open to everyone, for the last seven years here in Berkeley. Every first and third Tuesday nights, 7-9 PM, at 1414 Walnut by Rose (right behind the Long's on Shattuck).

We discuss a different broad topic as the main focus each time we meet, and it's fine to veer a bit off course. There's a three minute limit every time someone starts to speak, so no one gets to monopolize the time.

We've discussed topics such as utopia, the media, education, parenting, death and dying, what makes you laugh, and what rules do you live by. Our discussion group is interesting, free, fun, and much more entertaining than watching TV.

If you'd like to bring snacks or drinks to share, that's great (PEANUT FREE PLEASE!). NO need to RSVP---just show up and bring your friends!

Schedule as of 11/24/2006

  • February 6 Social Change/Activism
  • February 20 Changing Religion
  • March 6 Schools/Gangs
  • March 20 "Nucular" Deterrence
  • April 3 Incarceration vs. Education
  • April 17 The Job Market
  • May 1 Is Society Sick?
  • May 15 Will Robots Become More Intelligent Than Humans and Take Over the World?

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