Current Members
Chair Barbara Pendergrass
Vice Chair Tom Owens
Secretary Roxanne Cruz
Treasurer Emily Lane
Member James Hermann
Member Mike Daley
Member vacant

The El Sobrante Municipal Advisory Council normally meets at 7:00pm on the second Wednesday of the month at the El Sobrante Library. These positions are non-elective. If you are interested in filling a vacancy you can apply at the office of Contra Costa County Supervisor Gioia.

History of ESMACEdit

El Sobrante Municipal Advisory Council Agenda for Wednesday April 14, 2010Edit

The full agenda for the latest meeting can be found at

7pm Pledge of Allegiance

7:05 Call to order

7:10 Approval of Minutes and Agenda


7:10 PM Crime Report by Lt. Ron Bradley of Bay Station

7:25 PM Presentation by Officer John Pruitt, California Highway Patrol

7:40 PM EBMUD projects affecting El Sobrante by Michelle Blackwell of East Bay Municipal Utility District

7:55 PM Presentation by Mihael Angelo Silva, Buiding Inspection Division, Contra Costa County Conservation and Development Department on the discontinuance of the Rental Inspection Program in El Sobrante

8:20 PM Terrance Cheung, Chief of Staff for Supervisor John Gioia, monthly report

Discussion Items Edit

8:45 PM Letter of Commendation for Joe Losado the local Code Enforcement Officer.

8:55 PM Crime Sub Committee,Neighborhood Watch

9:10 PM Discussion and vote on supporting the plan to pursue converting the El Sobrante Manor Neighborhood School to a self-supporting El Sobrante Community Center.

9:25 PM Development Plan applications, Variance Reports, etc.

Short Discussion Items Edit

9:35 PM Report from El Sobrante Valley Planning and Zoning Advisory Committee

10:00 PM Adjournment

Past AgendasEdit

January 2009
February 2009

March 2009
April 2009
May 2009
June 2009
July 2009
August 2009
September 2009
October 2009
November 2009
December 2009

February 2010

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