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Earthquake Magnitudes
Magnitudes General Effects
1- 3 Generally not felt by anyone.
3 - 3.9 Felt only by people who aren't otherwise in motion.
4 - 4.9 Very likely to be noticed. Not unusual for objects to shake a bit, or even fall down if unstable enough.
5 - 5.9 Probably only the dead fail to notice. Heavy furniture liable to move around. If the structure you are in is not seismically fit, you will be finding out the hard way.
6 - 6.9 Damage will depend on the seismic quality of construction.
7 and up There will be damage.

As of the 18th of April 2007, it has been over 100 years since the quake and fire of 1906. While the quake itself didn't actually do all the damage, the fire that almost immediately followed was significantly devastating. In part because among the things that were damaged, was the water supply system. Without water to fight the fire, it was essentially uncontrollable. One hundred years later, a centennial commemoration was celebrated. For complete information on the Centennial Activities check out

Recent EarthquakesEdit

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