Campaign Issues
  • End Chevrons's Utility Tax Exemption
  • Community Based After-School Programs
  • Oppose increase in Utility and Sale Taxes
  • Reopen the Westside & Bayview Branch Libraries
  • Stronger support for Solar Energy
  • Just Cause Eviction Laws
  • Fair Rent Laws
  • Housing

Currently a member of the Richmond city council, she declared her candidacy for Richmond City Mayor on March 5th.

Political experienceEdit

During the 1980s, McLaughlin was an activist with the Central American solidarity movement and a steering committee member of CISPES (Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador). She also played an activist role in the North Star Network, a national networking effort to unite progressives, and in coalition-building efforts with PUSH People United to Save Humanity) and the Rainbow Coalition.

Richmond Progressive AllianceEdit

On November 2, 2004, McLaughlin was elected the city council of Richmond, on the Green Party ticket.

In Richmond, as a Richmond Green, McLaughlin's lifelong activism has found her at many local struggles. She has been involved in rallying opposition against the Patriot Act, the criminalization of the homeless, and the toxic impact of ChevronTexaco on the city and the world. She has also been involved in the ongoing effort to preserve the North Richmond shoreline open space and in support of the current battle against cutbacks, being waged by the service employees' union.

Work experienceEdit

Throughout her life, McLaughlin has funded her political work through a number of professions, working as a postal clerk, as a teacher, as a caregiver for the elderly, and as a tutor/clinician for children with learning disabilities. She has also worked in the capacity of support staff for various non-profit health and educational organizations.

External linksEdit

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