Joan Bennett widow of Jerome (aka Jerry) Bennett sr. was returned to the American Canyon city council in June 2006.

She was one of American Canyon's first City Council members, having been elected at the time of the cities' incorporation. She has been on the Napa Valley College board of trustees for most of the time since leaving the council.

Bennett is retired from the California Conservation Corps and is concerned about land-use issues. 

Mother of five Jerry Bennett jr (aka writer Spencer Allen ) James Bennett (aka Jim Bennett), John Bennett, Juliett bennett (aka Juliett Crites aka, juliett Mende), Jill bennett.

Although she is a menber of american canyon's city councle her family has had a dificult bout with the county regarding medical marijuana, her deciesed husband was a stonch supporter of medical cannabis,so much he was in a fight with napa county after a brutal arest at his home over 6 plants. soon after his death she voted to ban marijuana collectives in american canyon forcing residents who use it to look back to the black market.

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