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Elected Officials throughout the County

Board of Supervisors Edit

Clerk, Board of Supervisors at (707) 253-4580

District Representative PhoneFaxE-MailTerm Ends
1 Brad Wagenknecht 707-
2 Mark Luce
3 Diane Dillon
4 Bill Dodd 2008
5 Harold Moskowite707- 253-4386707-253-4176

American Canyon Edit
City Clerk 707-647-4352

Position HolderE-MailTerm Ends
Mayor Cecil Shaver cbshaver@napanet.net2008
Vice Mayor Leon Garcia lgarcia@napanet.net2008
Ben Anderson
Cindy Coffey 2008

Calistoga Edit
City Clerk: 707.942.2807

Position HolderE-MailTerm Ends
Mayor Andrew Alexander
Vice Mayor Jack Gingles
Janice Von Pohle
Karen Slusser
Michael Dunsford

City of Napa Edit
City Clerk 707-257-9503

Position HolderVoice-MailTerm Ends
Mayor Jill Techel (707)258-7876 December 2008
James Krider (707)258-7876 December 2008
Mark Van Gorder (707)258-7876December 2008
Harry Martin (707)258-7876 December 2006
Vice Mayor Kevin Block (707)258-7876 December 2006

Term of office is four years.

St. Helena Edit
City Clerk 707-967-2792

Position HolderVoice-MailTerm Ends
Mayor Del Britton (707) 963-5635 November 2006
Vice Mayor Joe Potter (707)963-4941 November 2008
Bonnie Schoch(707)963-0281November 2006
Eric Sklar (707)963-2113 November 2006
Michael Novak (707)968-9200 November 2008


Position HolderVoice-MailTerm Ends
Mayor Cynthia Saucerman November 2010
Vice Mayor John Dunbar November 2010
Steven November 2008
Bill Dutton November 2010
Lewis November 2008

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